Student Printing

Starting in October 2013 Prespatou students can use a solution called PaperCut to print when they have difficulty printing with their computer. It will require students to

  • create a PDF first of their work
  • login to the print server with their DWL account (same account they use to login to windows) in a web browser
  • pick their printer
  • submit their pdf to print

Once you have your PDF created, click on the link below and login. Submit your job and select your printer.

Make certain you are connected via the SD60-Student wireless SSID or your computer is plugged into ethernet before you click below!

**NEW as of August 2014** Prespatou PaperCut Service (you must access from inside the school)

Video Walk Through

Instruction Poster
Instructions for Student Printing with PaperCut at Prespatou