About Us

Prespatou Elementary-Secondary School services a rural community situated approximately 83 kilometers north of Fort St. John. The school population is just over 320 students from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Prespatou School services a broad range of students from the communities of Prespatou, Buick Creek and Blueberry River First Nations. The students speak a variety of languages such as Low German, Beaver, Cree and Russian. Our students enjoy an active lifestyle at home and at school.

The school building is the hub for the community with many events held regularly (meetings, gym nights, sewing, music, dinners, weddings). Educational services provided include English as a Second Language, Learning Assistance, and Inclusion. Staffing includes 16 K-12 teachers, 3.5 support educators and 9 support staff. We value the relationship between school, community and our PAC. Our PAC has 12 elected members who meet monthly.

We feel our school is unique and offers an amazing opportunity to work and learn with respectful students and adults who take pride in caring for others.
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